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What is MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is an imaging modality that utilizes magnetic fields and radiofrequency to obtain detailed pictures of the body.

Powerful magnets and radio waves are used to construct images of the body, the magnet generates a magnetic field roughly 10,000 times stronger than the natural background magnetism from the earth. A very small percentage of hydrogen atoms within a human body will align with this field.

When focused radio wave pulses are broadcast towards the aligned hydrogen atoms in tissues of interest, they will return a signal. The subtle differences in that signal from various body tissues enables MRI to differentiate organs, and potentially contrast benign and malignant tissue.

Imaging planes (or “slices”) are saved to a disc. MRI can easily be performed through clothing and bones. For some MRI procedures contrast media, commonly referred to as “dye”, is sometimes given intravenously during certain scans to provide the physicians with additional information.

Who will perform the examination?

Our certified MRI technologist will prepare your MRI Images for the radiologist to evaluate.

Why do I need a MRI?

An MRI can provide additional imaging information for the clinician based upon its superior tissue contrast resolution. Combined with other imaging methods, a more definitive diagnosis can be given in the work up of a patient’s disease.

Sequences performed with intravenous contrast may provide additional data about the blood vessels within masses. An MRA, or magnetic resonance angiogram, is a special type of MR that creates three-dimensional reconstructions of vessels containing flowing blood and is often utilized when conventional angiography cannot be performed due to renal failure or other contraindications.

Before your MRI:

Click here to access the patient forms. Please fill them out and bring them with you to your MRI appointment.

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