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Patient Success Stories

“I was very impressed by Dr. Shuler‘s candor and professionalism. He reassured me and made my recovery plan easy to understand. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.” -Drew, Atlanta, GA

“After experiencing years of unexplained hip pain, I decided to see Dr. Savitz for an EMG. He was able to determine the source of the pain and recommended a rehabilitation plan. Now, I am virtually pain-free, and I don’t have to rely on narcotics to get me through the day.” -Carol, Athens, GA

“At AOC, I’m more than just the numbers on my chart. Every time I see Dr. Manfredi, he treats me like a member of his family. He asks me about my grandchildren, and I bring him fresh vegetables from my house. I am thankful for Dr. Manfredi because he not only is a great surgeon, but also a great person.” -Gene, Athens, GA

“When I hurt my finger while working in the yard, I knew something was wrong with it. I didn’t want to sit at the ER for hours, so my daughter told me about AOC’s Urgent Care Clinic. As it turns out, they are open until 9pm. When I went in around 6pm, I was immediately taken to x-ray. David Wright then stitched up my finger and sent me home in time for dinner!” -Johnny, Nicholson, GA

“Yesterday was the one year ‘anniversary’ of when I tore my anterior cruciate ligament. I celebrated the milestone by hiking Black Rock and Lookout Mountains last Friday. I decided not to play soccer this spring season. I’ve played a good bit in the last couple of months and on the most part the knee has held up well. I’ve aggravated my hamstring twice which tells me I need to do some more work on building that back up and just the whole leg in general. I simply wanted to thank you and John for all of the encouragement over the last year. I truly enjoyed coming to physical therapy and working with each of you, including your excellent staff. I’m refereeing this season and will perhaps play competitively later in the year. The most important thing is I’m able to do all of my hiking and playing sports with my 3 ½ year old son. I feel really good about where I’ve come in the past year. Without you and your staff this wouldn’t have been possible.” -Lee, Athens, GA

Dr. Shuler operated on the nail bed of my index finger last Wednesday (March 26). I had postponed the surgery for over a year as I had heard it would be extremely painful for several weeks following the procedure. In addition, since I am right- handed, I was concerned about the length of time I would be out of commission . After the surgery, I was greatly surprised to find that I never had any real pain just some discomfort and throbbing. I was back at work on the following Monday. I found the staff at Athens Orthopedics Surgical Center to be very professional and reassuring. They have scheduled me for [occupational] therapy beginning this Wednesday, one week after surgery. I can’t wait to see how my finger is healing. Thanks to Dr. Shuler and his staff for the excellent and efficient care I received.” -Kitty Meyran, Athens, GA

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