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Total Joint Center

The Total Joint Center is comprised of physicians, physician assistants, and physical therapists who work together to create a treatment plan for patients who need joint replacement or reconstruction. Joint replacement can be total or partial, and the Total Joint team will determine which, if either, is most appropriate. Please click on a provider’s name to view his or her profile.

Ormonde Mahoney, M.D. (Knee & Hip)

Robert Hancock, M.D. (Shoulder)

John Manfredi, M.D. (Knee & Hip)

Steve Johnson, D.O. (Shoulder)

Joe Johnson, M.D. (Ankle)

David Harkins, D.O. (Shoulder)

Physician Assistants:
Joe Hale, P.A.-C

Joe Kilzi, P.A.-C

Katie Paulos, P.A.-C

David Wright, P.A.-C

Phil Burr, P.A.-C

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