Workers’ Compensation

With 9 locations and 18 fellowship-trained, specialized physicians, Athens Orthopedic Clinic provides expeditious and professional services to employees and employers. Our Workers’ Compensation team provides employers with an individualized approach to the treatment of injured employees, and our mission is to return employees to work as soon as possible. 

Dr. Joseph M. Savitz, board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Physiatry), serves as the Medical Director of our Occupational Health Center. Click on the link below the image to view Dr. Savitz’s profile.

Alexis Hill, CWCP,  is our Director of Workers’ Compensation. Alexis is available to discuss your workers’ compensation needs. For additional information on our Workers’ Compensation program contact Alexis Hill at 706.549.1663 ext. 4028.

Services offered include: Impairment Rating, IME (Independent Medical Evaluation), Drug Screening, FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation), Workplace Tours, Physician-led education, and more.