At Athens Orthopedic Clinic, we pride ourselves on having state-of-the-art facilities. Some of our facilities include: an outpatient surgery center to provide for your ambulatory needs, a Physical Therapy department that is able to customize your rehabilitative care and our Urgent Care facilities, which accept walk-in appointments and provide excellent alternatives to the ER. Our new Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Center (SPARC) is also booking appointments for assessments, training sessions, nutrition counseling, and therapeutic massage. Currently spanning 9 cities throughout northeast Georgia, Athens Orthopedic Clinic has got you covered.

State of the art care

Problems We Treat

We see patients with a variety of problems that can be treated with and without surgery. Some examples of ailments that are treated frequently within our office include (but are not limited to): tennis elbow, joint pain, broken/fractured bones, sports injuries, back pain, hip pain, muscle sprains/strains and workers compensation injuries.

Procedures We Perform

The Physicians and Physician Assistants at Athens Orthopedic Clinic are able to perform procedures within the office, in our ambulatory surgery center, as well as in the hospital. Some of the more common procedures and surgeries performed include: Bracing, Splinting, Casting, Total and Partial Joint Replacement (knee, hip, shoulder, ankle), MAKOplasty Partial Resurfacing, Carpal and Cubital Tunnel Release, Injections (neck, back, joint), Rotator Cuff Repair, Labral Repair, Shoulder Arthroscopy, ACL Reconstruction, Meniscal Repair, Knee Arthroscopy, Bunionectomy, Plantar Fascia Release, Ankle Arthroscopy, Ankle Fracture Repair, Hammer Toe Correction and Lateral Ligament Reconstruction.

Athens Orthopedic Clinic

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